Follow up on Blackberry tea cake

Well, I posted the recipe yesturday after mixing it up and setting in the fridge for the night. I got up nice and early so I could have these baked for everyone. The fist batch was very small as I had 3 people getting up to start the day and my goal was to pull these out just in time for each person to enjoy still warm. In my home that can be a challenge as 1 person in up at 4:45am, the next is closer to 6am, followed closely by a 6:45am, then the large group of 6 more at about 7:45, and the final 4 an hour later at 8:45. Anway the first batch I was not really that awake for and I forgot to sprinkle turbinado sugar on these yet they went fast and seemed to be really enjoyed. They had a good crumb but I think looking back they could have baked an extra 5 minutes or so as they really were not that golden. The second batch I did the sugar and pushed the berries to 5 on each cake. These looked amazing yet really needed to cook longer as they were to fragile. The final batch was perfect! Anyway take a look at a few of the pictures from the second batch and if interested, look at yesterdays post that includes the recipe. Try your own hand at these and tell us all about your experiences.

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