Breaded Salmon and the Gluten Free Joy

Alright so I have been very negligent in writing and posting as of late but I have been busy with kids and life. Anyway, I have been really wanting breaded fish but had not wrapped my brain around a nice tasty gluten free way to do this. Wednessday night I just had to cave and wow was it amazing! Out of four girls (two who normally HATE salmon), a husband who normally can’t eat salmon due to digestive complaint and myself who could just about eat fish at every meal we all loved this meal. One daughter did not like the sauce and one other daughter did not like the breading (she never has).


Here is what I did:

I took about 6oz of salmon per person and dusted it through flour (I choose tapioca flour, a good amound of fresh cracked pepper, and a pinch of salt) then through a standard egg wash. After that I dredged it through the “breading” (hazelnut meal, glutino original crackers, a nice hand full of fresh rosemary, and another sprinkling of pepper that I ran through the food processor till well ground and mixed). While I was breading the fish, I heated olive oil in an oven safe skillet over medium high. Once the oil was hot, I browned all sides of the fish then moved the un-covered pan to a pre heated 375` oven to finish baking. The frying took about 3 minutes per side and then the final bake till the fish was cooked through and flaky was about another 9 minutes as the fish was really thick. On the side I placed a dolup of cream sauce (sour cream, fresh lime juice, and chopped cilantro, salt and pepper) Now, I have not included measurments as I made a LOT and really it is all a case of what you and your family would enjoy. The breading is mostly about even amounts nut meal and crackers after that it is about what made my mind flow with happy thoughts and what I figured we would like.  My family really likes lime but not cilantro so I put the juice of a whole lime in with hardly any cilantro. Others really like cilantro and would want more. Taste as you go. do a little experimenting and really enjoy playing with your food to create a scrumptious meal.



Breaded fish, red rice, and steamed broccoli

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