Paleo as a Daycare Provider

It has been a long time since my last post. I have been fortunate to find a way of living that seem to be working and have been making the transition for the whole house as well as the families in my care as I am a State regestared in-home child care provider. Early this year I learned that I can not have foods with gluten and I started learning to bake with alternative grains like rice and amaranth but I started haing even more challenges with my diabeties to te point I had to add insulin injections twice a day. To say this to a huge chunk out of my emotional “living life with joy” is a huge understatement. I HATE how many medications and suplements that I take each and every day (Lantus insulin 2 times, actos 2 times, metformin 3 times, lisinopril 1 time, simastatin 1 time, vit-c 2g, calium 1g, b complex, iron, d-3 1000iu, aspirin) all because of diabetes or complications to said diabetes. I knew there had to be another way as type 2 diabetes has been on the rise and heck if you look through history, it appears to be a newer issue. I started asking why that is and when could it be traced back to. What are the historical changes that sparked this medical change? The more I have been reading here on the internet and in books and magazines, I keep coming across grains and processing as a huge contributing factor to a whole gambit of health issues. I know that it is hard to find information that is not biased as most people show only the parts that support what they want you to do or know. Yet I keep finding information in places like “Cardiovascular Diabetology” study that was published July 16th 2009,  “Triglcerides and Cardiovascula Disease: A Scientific Satement From the American Heart Association Circulation, published online April 18th 2011, and “Nutrition and Alzheimer’s disease: The detrimental role of a high carbohydrate diet” European Journl of Internal Medicine published January 26, 2011 that all say simular things about high protein, choose your carbs with care and all fit within the Paleo/Primal lifestyle. I then went to an amazing Nutrition work shop at Clackamas Physical Conditioning where Jason Seib did a fabulous job of covering the basic science of WHY Paleo works and how to do it. I came home and started the transition. I have had a few stumbling blocks of not realizing what was in something at a friends home and the like but it has been pretty easy to go Paleo and really do this. My sugar levels are not as far down as they should be without medications but the levels are so far down that I have stopped taking some of my medication in just the first few weeks. How am I feeling? Mostly great but I am still stabalizing out and with all the medications needing to be constantly tweeked it will take time. I do see I am getting better. I am trying new things as far as activities because Paleo is not just a “diet” but a lifestlye. I have stopped most of my workouts as they kept spiking my sugar levels. Now I am doing movements that have been natural for survival and although I have a LONG way to go before I will be doing pull-ups and such, I have met my first goal… I can now do a real honest squat correctly. I know this does not seem like much but when I shattered my leg at the fibia and tibia and had a plate and tons of pins and screws, I thought I would never be able to manage the motion of a correct sqaut again. I went in to see Jason for a consultation and he had me try several basic movements. I don’t think I successivly did any of them. I have since been going to Mobility WOD to see how different basic moves should be done and have set myself to do them. I have been focusing on squats to start with as I can do this at home. Everyday I have tried and fallen short of doing a real squat till Saturday night. I not only did my first one but was so thrilled I did 10 in short succession. I am still so sore I have to fight my body to not flop down when I sit right now but I DID IT!!! Not only did I do it, I am going to keep doing them (after giving my body a little break to let the muscles build so as not to cause damage), I will do regular squats and then as my body builds, I will add weights and I will be strong. I will do things and live life to my fullest for as long as I can or what is the point of breathing and consuming?  With all of these changes in my life I figure it is natural to pass this on to others. I am in a position where I guide many people as they grow and develope as I am a parent to 4 lovely teenage daughters and I run an in-home daycare. I have to follow the USDA guidlines. How to follow Paleo and USDA? It is possible for the most part. There are a few areas that get challenging and here is how I deal with it. At Breakfast, Lunch and Dinner, I am required to provide a serving of grain and a serving of actual nonfat milk. I am allowed to have that grain be bread, muffins, rice, pasta, and so on. To make my life easier as well as let the children enjoy “normal” food, I bake a LOT of Paleo bread that counts in the eyes of my USDA office. They do not care what kind as long as it is bread. I also make things like Savory Almond Flour Muffins that they LOVE. I on occation will give granola from Paleo People that also meets the USDA grain requirement while staying paleo. The milk aspect is really the hardest as I can not avoid it. I can alter this IF I have a not from the families doctor stating what I am to give instead of standard nonfat cows milk. Snacks are the easiest as I am required to provide itmes from two categories and I naturally choose protein and produce every time. I have always tried to eat as local and wholesome as we can so we frequent farms and the farmers market while in season as well as buy my meat straight from the local farm whenever possible. I think I am also one of the very few providers that encourage children to try new things like seafood that I get from Pacific Seafood and “wierd” produce as my children keep telling me as if I did not know their friends at school do not start the day off with eggs or homemade sausage and sauteed vegetables such as; radishes, chard, or anything that goes with leeks. I know if their friends eat breakfast it is probably cereal or freezer waffles and that many do not know the different nuances of 8 different in-season pears. That is alright with me though and even my teenagers love going to school and trying to share leftover quail from the night before or like today see how many of their friends will give them grief about eatting “bambi” as we had venison burgers that they are now having as I type this for lunch. I let my daughters still have some of the foods on the “no” list as they are older (the oldest is 19 and the next yongest in old enough to be taking mostly college classes and be well on her way to being a cop) but I am working on helping them choose to change what they eat. I am showing them what I am learning and I am seeing the changes in them for the better I think. The yonger children in care are also included in cooking, preping, why we choose to eat certain things and how something we do or consume is a “better” choice that something else. We are active here and they are helping me learn how to move in a natural way. We jump, do sprints, play at the park, have family weekend hikes about once a month and encourage an extended family as we all grow and learn and live to the best we can. Starting Tuesday, I will be posting more of what we eat and do and everyones responses to these crazy but fun experiences. Please share your experiences with children and your own life of eating and living…

One thought on “Paleo as a Daycare Provider”

  1. I am not completely Paleo, but I am mostly primal. I did a month of paleo and found the health benefits to be worth the lifestyle change. As much as I would like my toddler to be on the Paleo diet, I have been finding it difficult enough working with his daycare to keep gluten out of his diet. He isn’t a celiac, but there is a huge difference in his behavior when he has eaten gluten.

    I really wish I could find a child care provider like you that would be able to feed him paleo meals and snacks while still staying within the government’s guidelines.

    Thank you for this post!

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