Crazyness with a side of amazing food

So I had every intention of posting yesterday and had my pictures pulled together and really knew what I wanted to cover but life happened; my connection was iffy at best, had the State and County on my doorstep doing amazing things in the way of weatherization, the children were completely thrown into an energy crazed “what is that?” “What are they doing now?” mode with all the workers here, and by the time I had a moment to spare I was just done.

We started the day off with a round of Yoga Garden so that the high energy daycare children would have better focus and we have found that yoga/focus moves/calming physical things a couple times a day decreases one of my other (here afterschool and full day on off school days) daycare childrens migranes so we are now in the habit of doing these whether he is here or not.

When we were all done we made a tasty breakfast: of sauteed Chard and leeks topped with an egg. Those that wanted were offered a slice of Pecan Raisin Bread that is completely Paleo friendly from “The Gluten-Free Almond Flour Cookbook” By Elana Armsterdam. I also had to offer milk to those that wanted it as I am USDA certified as a Child Daycare Home. We offered items from the three food groups required; grain (the bread even if there was no grain it counts), produce (chard), and Milk (only half the children poured out a glass and had any but it was offered and USDA counts that.

Although several of the children had not been exposed to chard in this format before and said “that looks gross miss Tina” or “Do I have to try that?” or the best one “I have had chard before and it made me puke” we all had a small sample (mine was a full plate as you can see) and most liked the chard as long as they could eat the bite WITH egg as the universal opinion here in my daycare was the egg cut the bitterness of the chard enough to be pretty nummy.

After cleaning up, washing hands and faces, brushing teeth, checking diapers and so on it was time to play and learn. We normally do circle time after breakfast as we get to touch base with eachother, share interesting things and get in a couple amazing stories. After circle time we went outside and worked in the garden. The garden is a great place for so many reasons; we work on squats, lift, dig, learn about plants and bugs, get more connected to what we really are eating, and soak in a bunch of viamin d even on over cast days here in the pacific northwest (I am in Oak Grove/Milwaukie Oregon) where we get a lot of clouds and rain year round. The littlest ones spend more time chasing chickens and trying to get them to eat weeds from their hands but it is still really good for them as long as the chickens do not mind. Once we came in the crew was here and although we normally do activities there just was no chance of this with all the excitement so we shifted to a “free” morning as long as they could let the workers do the work they came for. My little guys did great and when they were picked up I shared this with mom.

We do two lunches here because of timing. I have one little boy who has to be at kindergarden for afternoon class pretty early and his brother tends to be really tired by the time we get back so I feed them first. Once we are back and the littlest is down for his nap, I make a second lunch. This works out for many reasons; we are working with the natural body rhythems of of the yongest, helping set a nice daily flow for the kindy, that family is vegetarian while the rest of us are Paleo, and it gives a nice quiet atmosphere at lunch for those that are of an age to enjoy such a thing.

For the vegetarian family the early lunch was hard boiled eggs, more of the bread from breakfast, a pear (we found an amazing selection this last weekend at the Milwaukie Farmers Market), kalarabi salad, and milk. As you can see even though this is vegetarian, we could have had the same thing for the paleo lunch but we had other plans…

After getting kindy to school and little one off to nap land, the rest of us has a feast; Steamed Clams in garlic butter, then the same sides as the early lunch. I actually only clams as I was so satisfied and full that I could not eat any more than that if I had tried. They smelled so good that I dug in and mowed down before I remembered to grab my camera… Sorry but the empty shells are still pretty…

Once quiet time is over and the school age children got in (this was a challenge today with the weatherization crew blocking the door doing a blow test) we had a light snack of home dried fruit and nuts while working on homework followed by free outside time. I set out cones and jumpropes and a few other things for a free form obstical course that almost always draws the attention of the children. We also set up the option of craft time so everyone has choices. Great fun to be had by all. The early children all got picked up with only the hitch of trafic being insane and making mom late for pickup.

While we played, my olderst daughter who is 19 and is part of the Clackamas Middle College program started to make supper. She made an adaptation of Pancetta Wrapped Stuffed Pork Loin where we used Prosciutto instead of Pancetta (just what we had on hand), ditched the mayonase and brushed on melted bacon fat instead, used black olives as my children HATE kalamata (wonder whose children I have actually as I LOVE kalamata…), and we really love our local hazelnuts so we ditched the walnuts and used filberts to amazing success. She did a great job and just to have a more rounded meal she steamed till bright green Brussel Sprouts. We put out fresh raw baby carrots as an extra side for those that wished. Wow we really do eat well even though we live on a tight budget.


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