Quiet Day yet Paleo Yummm

So although I run an in-home child daycare, I do have a day here or there that land in the realm of quiet. Today was one of them. I had no daycare children till after the school age children were done for the day at 2:30. I still needed to get up and get many things done before then. I enjoyed a slow start with my own children where we had a simple breakfast of sauteed Chard and Kale with Leeks and Garlic. We then topped this with Prosciutto and a gently fried egg.

After breakfast I cleaned up and wished the girls a good day as they headed out to their own classes. I then did some jewelry work for Entwined Vines were I have been moving old blog posts about and working on new jewelry pieces and trying to keep up on the social networking that helps keep a mostly online small artisan buseness afloat. When my 17 year old daughter got home from her college corses for the day we sat down to a simple anti-pasta plater style lunch; hard boiled egg, hard salami, artichoke hearts, little yellow/orange tomatoes from the famers market, cucumbers (also from the market) topped with baby bell peppers, cappers, and basalmic vinegar (not sure if that is a cheat or not) and then finished with a few pepercini peppers for just a nice dash of spice.


I just finished cleaning up from that when the yonger school age children came in. They were great and got strait to work on homework so that at 3 I had time to have snake pulled together. We just had “pizza rolls” where I took pepperoini, a lite amount of cheese and pineapple and grilled them in simple rolls with toothpicks in fun colors. They are always a hit and so fast. The hardest part is finding good sausage that is not full of junk. Well worth the search though. We then had free play outside even though it was colder as fall is truely here in the northwest. Just before the daycare children left, we made homemade hot cider and warmed back up.

My family had a simple supper of;broccoli, steamer clams in garlic butter, and little lobster that I found uber cheap at costco that we also heated in garlic butter. Yummm

After such a simple but yummy day the Girls, Hubby, and I enjoyed a late viewing in the living room of The Fellowship of The Ring (extended version) till bed. Life is great.

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