Paleo on the move

It has been a crazy week and most of the time I have been just running in a drive to this that and the other kind of way. The children have had concerts, the daycare children have needed to be driven and all in all getting meals while staying Paleo has been a lesson in planning and being grateful for the few quick grabs I had stocked early on. It would have been oh so easy to slip in to my “normal” routine as I have only been Paleo since October 9th. Instead I grabbed probably more Lara bars, paleo granola, homemade jerky, and dried fruit mixed with nuts than this diabetic should. My sugar levels have still been coming down even with this craziness though as has my weight (I am still weighing and measuring every Monday) so in the last 5 Mondays I have lost 4 inches each from Chest and Waist while 3 inches from my hips (this is great as my hips to waist ratio is closer to what it should be to be “healthy” or at least not as “insulin resistant”) and I have lost 11 pounds without “trying” to yay me! I also really like the fat/muscle/water percentage changes that we are seeing.


Anyways Monday was a great day and I ate really pretty well.

I started off with PorkLoin Chop with bussels sprouts that were leftover from the night before.

Lunch with my seventeen year old was casual in the living room was anti-pasta

It was so good that my daughters cat had to try to join…


Thistle is adorable but she was reminded that she has to eat mostly Paleo as well and had better stop trying to “catch” our food instead of catching something more fresh.


For supper we had baked Rockfish with a simple greek seasoning mix rubbed on it with steamed broccoli.

Daycare was only for a few hours and we played hard after finishing homework with a small snack of vegetable sticks with gaucamole.

Today being Tuesday was a bit more crazy. The children had Paleo Granola with Coconut milk and bananas for breakfast and I snuck in a Lara Bar as I just could not get more time in with the way drop offs worked today. I then had daycare eat a simple lunch of hard boiled egg, leftover broccoli, banana, and Paleo bread while I drove to the school for drop off and I snacked on another Lara Bar and some homemade jerky. When I got home I slipped in an avacodo and some artichoke hearts. Once the schoolage children came in they tackled homework and a snack of celery with almond butter and dried currents. We then did basic tumbling and a game of freeze tag till everyone was out of breath and giggling like the fiends we are lol. Once the day was done my daughters and I had a simple supper of Chicken with a side of sauteed Cabbage. I did the cabbage in a scoop of coconut milk, a handful of diced onions, green onions slices, and nappa and purple cabbage tossed with lots of garlic. The chicken I sprinkled a spice mix of; black & white pepper, coriander, garlic, yellow dry mustard, marjoram, mace, and savory. Yummm

Really Moving my body for the first time in ages

So today was pretty much like so many other days where I get up, get my children off to school, play with the daycare children, feed everyone, and basically work all day and half the evening doing on job or another. The children were great and even though Wednesdays are a huge pain with the way Oregon City schools run the schedule (they cut 1 hour at the end and it affects the kindergarten children to the point that I dropped off my daycare student at 11am and he got done at 1. For half day they do not feed a meal but USDA states that lunch MUST be served between 11 & 1… we work around it but still). We have actively started on jumps and low crawls. They love it even if we all really need to improve on form (yes even the 2 and 5 year olds). We played with play dough (I LOVE clay and dough even if I really have no aptitude for shaping the stuff beyond a “worm”), we colored and even though the family I have at lunch is vegetarian, they know about protein. We eat LOTS of eggs as I will NOT give legumes or Soy and they need good food. I am trilled that almost all eggs here come from the back yard and the children LOVE going out and talking with the hens. I wish the State let them actually touch the hens and collect the eggs but such is life with the fear of things like salmonella and apparent lack of washing. Anyway, after the busy day of children I decided I could not just sit around and decided, even though I do not know if I am supposed to with the program I am starting in December, to do a simple workout. I received “EVERYDAY PALEO” By: Sarah Fragoso and although I have not tried any recipes yet (thinking about one for lunch later this week) I did go through and do the day 1 week 1 workout for beginners. It was a push to get all the push ups and sit-ups done even though my push ups were on the freekin wall! I did actually add to the workout though by doing more squats than listed… I did the 5 min. walk, 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 squats, 10 sit-ups (man am I REALLY feeling those), 10 more squats, finishing up with 5 min. walk. I feel every muscle but it a really good way. I have done race walking and really enjoy that but for the most part I have been very sedentary for a long time. I am really glad I moved my body this evening.


Now what we ate today:

Breakfast: Brussels Sprouts with bacon, sweet potato hash, and 2 fried eggs. The rest of the morning and all of the afternoon for me was grazing as my sugars were VERY low ( will be dropping my afternoon metformin as of tomorrow) and did not want to let it stay too low but not wanting a spike either. I had a Lara Bar (cherry oh the tart was perfect), an artichoke with butter and garlic, and 2 sausages.

Dinner was the challenge as my oven is being fixed and the gas was turned off to the stove (forgot to turn it back on it turns out) so we prayed that there would be enough fuel for the grill left and had more brussels in butter ad grilled chicken. Simple yet good.


Would do you do when for whatever reason you can not cook with your range?

Such a long day

So today should have been a nice pace with plenty of time to get things done. I had my alarm set for 4:30 with the intent to gradually come to the land of coherency by the time hubby came in to say goodby on his way off to work at 5:00. Instead the amazing work crew yesterday forgot (again) to turn my furnace back on when they left and my house was freezing. With it so cold, hubby went down to the dungeon and fixed that as he was leaving and I hovered in luxurious flannel heaven till the house was warm about 6:45. Still plenty of time to get pancakes made for the children before school to find I as missing something so I have no clue what they actually had (I did not have day care till a little later). I made my breakfast of sautéed bell peppers and yellow squash in garlic with a side of bacon (I am not sure I will ever develop a joy for this even if I LOVE cooking with bacon fat), with two fried eggs that fell apart in cooking but still tasted oh so good.

The first daycare family showed up half an hour early so I tossed my dish in the sink to deal with when I cleaned up from lunch. With showing up early, I was informed that the oldest had a sore throat and if it got worse to call so mom could call the school. I decided that although I am not a big supporter of the “electronic babysitter” I would utilize it for the length of one G rated movie today so I could get some tea down little one and do some major snuggle time to see if he would feel better before needing to take him to school. I worked and we had a good time. Once the movie was over we were raring and tearing to play. We built with the marble ramps, played little Lego’s and generally both boys and I had so much fun that lunch was on the later side and we had to hustle to get the older one to school on time. They had finger food and I had a grazing time of homemade jerky, avocado, figs, and broccoli (no pictures as it was grazing as I had time). I finished another batch of jewelry (working on pictures Wednesday that I will share), played with the new credit card scanner for Entwined Vines and generally worked through quiet time till the school age children made it in. We read (I worked on menu planning) and homework till three when they had a nice snack of dried fruit and nuts. Free time commence and I get dinner going; 7 bone roast with gravy and asparagus. Oh so yummy.

After supper we rushed off to the youngest band concert that we had to be there by 6:30 and did not get home till 9:00. The music for the most part was great (for what we could hear). There were way more people than there was space for so all the seats were full, standing room was full, the hall was full and we finally sat in the common area down the hall. For a middle school performance it was packed to the point we were wondering if the 4 fire department guys would say no way, to many people in such a space, to big a risk kind of thing. Any way, after getting home exhausted, hubby and I went and did some shopping for produce and  little meat. Now off to bed. When life is crazy what are your “secrets” of survival?

working & eating around the work crew

So today turned into one of those days that all I really wanted was to have the house empty out and curl up in my warm bed with a book or a movie. Instead of doing what I wanted on the one day this week that I did not have daycare children until after 2, I had the most amazing work crew working at my home to help get it weatherized before the weather really goes south for the winter. They showed up just after 8:30 and although the plan was to be done after only 2 hours or less, this plan was tossed out the window and the worked hard all day to leave closeto 4pm only taking a short break for lunch (they turned me down for food or a warm place to eat what they had “their tough” is the response to my offers). I tried to stay as out of the way as I could to make everyones jobs easier. I had planned to finish two bracelets for Entwined Vines that I had done the viking knit for and then start in on sewing new displays, post some on facebook, take pictures of several pieces and swing by the store so we would have enough food for Tuesday all while being uber good on eatting Paleo as I am finishing day 29 as we speak. I am now off of; insulin, actos, glipizide, and a few others but still have a ways to go before being medication free. After getting my daughters off to school aside from Alex who did not have class today, I whipped up a simple breakfast of;

Spinach, caramelized (in bacon fat) red onions, sliced bacon, french italian dressing (vinegar (I used blood orange), mustard (stone ground, yumm), diced red onion, olive oil, and fresh ground pepper), topped with two fried eggs (I think I would have like this better with poached eggs).

I had just gotten everything cleaned up when the crew showed up in all the hustle and bustle they bring.  I set myself to straightening up the kitchen, putting laundry away, and little bits in the livingroom while they got set up and figured out what they wanted to tackle first. While they sealed more in the basement and the upper rooms, I finished off the two pieces (one pictured as a preview below and one on Artfire):

I found myself feeling like my sugar levels were running low so I checked, yep I was right. To help keep from bottoming out to much I had an apple and a piece of home made jerky. The jerky was alright but all Alex and I did was rub garlic and pepper on the meat before drying in the food dryer so it was a little dull. We plan to marinade the next batch.

Once my snacking was done I got a piece listed on artfire, played on facebook a bit and mostly tried to stay warm through multiple tests with the door wide open with a fan blowing up a storm and disrupting my desk. While staying mostly warm, I did get a few calls made to try to get my oven fixed but alas Sears was not being so supportive today. After being told one thing, I got disconected and when I finally got through again I was told something different (more than $100 different) and decided to look further or at least cool down enough to deal with it as I was feeling grumpy after an hour and a half of my day shot.

I know that with my sugars doing the dip I should eat a real lunch but after my snack I just could not really bring myself to have a big meal so I added a small handful of fresh carrots and a Lara bar that did the trick. I had just finished all this in time for my one little man for the day to come off the bus from school. He was confused to see the front door blocked (with said fan and such) but took it in stride by going around to the back. He got situated while we finished up with the weatherization crew who left me with two new smoke detectors (even if mine worked just fine and were not THAT old lol) as well as new Carbon alarms (one for each level) all instaled and looking not nearly as dusty as everything else. I was having a hard time figuring out what to fix for supper when I finally just gave up on the family for Paleo tonight and made them pasta (gasp) with elk, mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, and marinara sauce. After cooking the filling for the pasta, I pulled a scoop out for me that I used as filling for an omlet and once that was all cooked, I poured a small drizle of maranara over the top. Oh this wasy beyond simple and amazing.

I have finished a long day with a happy belly and look forward to the rest of the week. What fast and easy meals to you make?