working & eating around the work crew

So today turned into one of those days that all I really wanted was to have the house empty out and curl up in my warm bed with a book or a movie. Instead of doing what I wanted on the one day this week that I did not have daycare children until after 2, I had the most amazing work crew working at my home to help get it weatherized before the weather really goes south for the winter. They showed up just after 8:30 and although the plan was to be done after only 2 hours or less, this plan was tossed out the window and the worked hard all day to leave closeto 4pm only taking a short break for lunch (they turned me down for food or a warm place to eat what they had “their tough” is the response to my offers). I tried to stay as out of the way as I could to make everyones jobs easier. I had planned to finish two bracelets for Entwined Vines that I had done the viking knit for and then start in on sewing new displays, post some on facebook, take pictures of several pieces and swing by the store so we would have enough food for Tuesday all while being uber good on eatting Paleo as I am finishing day 29 as we speak. I am now off of; insulin, actos, glipizide, and a few others but still have a ways to go before being medication free. After getting my daughters off to school aside from Alex who did not have class today, I whipped up a simple breakfast of;

Spinach, caramelized (in bacon fat) red onions, sliced bacon, french italian dressing (vinegar (I used blood orange), mustard (stone ground, yumm), diced red onion, olive oil, and fresh ground pepper), topped with two fried eggs (I think I would have like this better with poached eggs).

I had just gotten everything cleaned up when the crew showed up in all the hustle and bustle they bring.  I set myself to straightening up the kitchen, putting laundry away, and little bits in the livingroom while they got set up and figured out what they wanted to tackle first. While they sealed more in the basement and the upper rooms, I finished off the two pieces (one pictured as a preview below and one on Artfire):

I found myself feeling like my sugar levels were running low so I checked, yep I was right. To help keep from bottoming out to much I had an apple and a piece of home made jerky. The jerky was alright but all Alex and I did was rub garlic and pepper on the meat before drying in the food dryer so it was a little dull. We plan to marinade the next batch.

Once my snacking was done I got a piece listed on artfire, played on facebook a bit and mostly tried to stay warm through multiple tests with the door wide open with a fan blowing up a storm and disrupting my desk. While staying mostly warm, I did get a few calls made to try to get my oven fixed but alas Sears was not being so supportive today. After being told one thing, I got disconected and when I finally got through again I was told something different (more than $100 different) and decided to look further or at least cool down enough to deal with it as I was feeling grumpy after an hour and a half of my day shot.

I know that with my sugars doing the dip I should eat a real lunch but after my snack I just could not really bring myself to have a big meal so I added a small handful of fresh carrots and a Lara bar that did the trick. I had just finished all this in time for my one little man for the day to come off the bus from school. He was confused to see the front door blocked (with said fan and such) but took it in stride by going around to the back. He got situated while we finished up with the weatherization crew who left me with two new smoke detectors (even if mine worked just fine and were not THAT old lol) as well as new Carbon alarms (one for each level) all instaled and looking not nearly as dusty as everything else. I was having a hard time figuring out what to fix for supper when I finally just gave up on the family for Paleo tonight and made them pasta (gasp) with elk, mushrooms, bell peppers, olives, and marinara sauce. After cooking the filling for the pasta, I pulled a scoop out for me that I used as filling for an omlet and once that was all cooked, I poured a small drizle of maranara over the top. Oh this wasy beyond simple and amazing.

I have finished a long day with a happy belly and look forward to the rest of the week. What fast and easy meals to you make?

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