Such a long day

So today should have been a nice pace with plenty of time to get things done. I had my alarm set for 4:30 with the intent to gradually come to the land of coherency by the time hubby came in to say goodby on his way off to work at 5:00. Instead the amazing work crew yesterday forgot (again) to turn my furnace back on when they left and my house was freezing. With it so cold, hubby went down to the dungeon and fixed that as he was leaving and I hovered in luxurious flannel heaven till the house was warm about 6:45. Still plenty of time to get pancakes made for the children before school to find I as missing something so I have no clue what they actually had (I did not have day care till a little later). I made my breakfast of sautéed bell peppers and yellow squash in garlic with a side of bacon (I am not sure I will ever develop a joy for this even if I LOVE cooking with bacon fat), with two fried eggs that fell apart in cooking but still tasted oh so good.

The first daycare family showed up half an hour early so I tossed my dish in the sink to deal with when I cleaned up from lunch. With showing up early, I was informed that the oldest had a sore throat and if it got worse to call so mom could call the school. I decided that although I am not a big supporter of the “electronic babysitter” I would utilize it for the length of one G rated movie today so I could get some tea down little one and do some major snuggle time to see if he would feel better before needing to take him to school. I worked and we had a good time. Once the movie was over we were raring and tearing to play. We built with the marble ramps, played little Lego’s and generally both boys and I had so much fun that lunch was on the later side and we had to hustle to get the older one to school on time. They had finger food and I had a grazing time of homemade jerky, avocado, figs, and broccoli (no pictures as it was grazing as I had time). I finished another batch of jewelry (working on pictures Wednesday that I will share), played with the new credit card scanner for Entwined Vines and generally worked through quiet time till the school age children made it in. We read (I worked on menu planning) and homework till three when they had a nice snack of dried fruit and nuts. Free time commence and I get dinner going; 7 bone roast with gravy and asparagus. Oh so yummy.

After supper we rushed off to the youngest band concert that we had to be there by 6:30 and did not get home till 9:00. The music for the most part was great (for what we could hear). There were way more people than there was space for so all the seats were full, standing room was full, the hall was full and we finally sat in the common area down the hall. For a middle school performance it was packed to the point we were wondering if the 4 fire department guys would say no way, to many people in such a space, to big a risk kind of thing. Any way, after getting home exhausted, hubby and I went and did some shopping for produce and  little meat. Now off to bed. When life is crazy what are your “secrets” of survival?

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