Really Moving my body for the first time in ages

So today was pretty much like so many other days where I get up, get my children off to school, play with the daycare children, feed everyone, and basically work all day and half the evening doing on job or another. The children were great and even though Wednesdays are a huge pain with the way Oregon City schools run the schedule (they cut 1 hour at the end and it affects the kindergarten children to the point that I dropped off my daycare student at 11am and he got done at 1. For half day they do not feed a meal but USDA states that lunch MUST be served between 11 & 1… we work around it but still). We have actively started on jumps and low crawls. They love it even if we all really need to improve on form (yes even the 2 and 5 year olds). We played with play dough (I LOVE clay and dough even if I really have no aptitude for shaping the stuff beyond a “worm”), we colored and even though the family I have at lunch is vegetarian, they know about protein. We eat LOTS of eggs as I will NOT give legumes or Soy and they need good food. I am trilled that almost all eggs here come from the back yard and the children LOVE going out and talking with the hens. I wish the State let them actually touch the hens and collect the eggs but such is life with the fear of things like salmonella and apparent lack of washing. Anyway, after the busy day of children I decided I could not just sit around and decided, even though I do not know if I am supposed to with the program I am starting in December, to do a simple workout. I received “EVERYDAY PALEO” By: Sarah Fragoso and although I have not tried any recipes yet (thinking about one for lunch later this week) I did go through and do the day 1 week 1 workout for beginners. It was a push to get all the push ups and sit-ups done even though my push ups were on the freekin wall! I did actually add to the workout though by doing more squats than listed… I did the 5 min. walk, 10 squats, 10 push ups, 10 squats, 10 sit-ups (man am I REALLY feeling those), 10 more squats, finishing up with 5 min. walk. I feel every muscle but it a really good way. I have done race walking and really enjoy that but for the most part I have been very sedentary for a long time. I am really glad I moved my body this evening.


Now what we ate today:

Breakfast: Brussels Sprouts with bacon, sweet potato hash, and 2 fried eggs. The rest of the morning and all of the afternoon for me was grazing as my sugars were VERY low ( will be dropping my afternoon metformin as of tomorrow) and did not want to let it stay too low but not wanting a spike either. I had a Lara Bar (cherry oh the tart was perfect), an artichoke with butter and garlic, and 2 sausages.

Dinner was the challenge as my oven is being fixed and the gas was turned off to the stove (forgot to turn it back on it turns out) so we prayed that there would be enough fuel for the grill left and had more brussels in butter ad grilled chicken. Simple yet good.


Would do you do when for whatever reason you can not cook with your range?

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