Paleo on the move

It has been a crazy week and most of the time I have been just running in a drive to this that and the other kind of way. The children have had concerts, the daycare children have needed to be driven and all in all getting meals while staying Paleo has been a lesson in planning and being grateful for the few quick grabs I had stocked early on. It would have been oh so easy to slip in to my “normal” routine as I have only been Paleo since October 9th. Instead I grabbed probably more Lara bars, paleo granola, homemade jerky, and dried fruit mixed with nuts than this diabetic should. My sugar levels have still been coming down even with this craziness though as has my weight (I am still weighing and measuring every Monday) so in the last 5 Mondays I have lost 4 inches each from Chest and Waist while 3 inches from my hips (this is great as my hips to waist ratio is closer to what it should be to be “healthy” or at least not as “insulin resistant”) and I have lost 11 pounds without “trying” to yay me! I also really like the fat/muscle/water percentage changes that we are seeing.


Anyways Monday was a great day and I ate really pretty well.

I started off with PorkLoin Chop with bussels sprouts that were leftover from the night before.

Lunch with my seventeen year old was casual in the living room was anti-pasta

It was so good that my daughters cat had to try to join…


Thistle is adorable but she was reminded that she has to eat mostly Paleo as well and had better stop trying to “catch” our food instead of catching something more fresh.


For supper we had baked Rockfish with a simple greek seasoning mix rubbed on it with steamed broccoli.

Daycare was only for a few hours and we played hard after finishing homework with a small snack of vegetable sticks with gaucamole.

Today being Tuesday was a bit more crazy. The children had Paleo Granola with Coconut milk and bananas for breakfast and I snuck in a Lara Bar as I just could not get more time in with the way drop offs worked today. I then had daycare eat a simple lunch of hard boiled egg, leftover broccoli, banana, and Paleo bread while I drove to the school for drop off and I snacked on another Lara Bar and some homemade jerky. When I got home I slipped in an avacodo and some artichoke hearts. Once the schoolage children came in they tackled homework and a snack of celery with almond butter and dried currents. We then did basic tumbling and a game of freeze tag till everyone was out of breath and giggling like the fiends we are lol. Once the day was done my daughters and I had a simple supper of Chicken with a side of sauteed Cabbage. I did the cabbage in a scoop of coconut milk, a handful of diced onions, green onions slices, and nappa and purple cabbage tossed with lots of garlic. The chicken I sprinkled a spice mix of; black & white pepper, coriander, garlic, yellow dry mustard, marjoram, mace, and savory. Yummm

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