It is almost spring and life is good

I started the day off with a nice slow start as my body is still getting used to the crazy “spring forward” of the clock that we do here. Once I got going though the day was so good. Spent quality time this weekend with friends and family, got taxes done, weeded in the yard till my daily goal was met, enjoyed my sill chickens (I am down to 7 hens for now), did my workout, and had great food.


This weekend was full of friends and family having birthdays and so at first it seemed a daunting task to see everyone one that we felt we should. In the long run, we pulled off what we could and had a long but amazing time of it. We savored simple breakfasts of eggs and meat like bacon and sausages depending on who was doing the eating late into the morning where we elected to bypass lunch and just had early suppers that were beyond amazing. Saturday we savored osso bocco that was served with a side of curry cali-rice or green beans with bacon. Osso Bocco translates to “hole in the bone” and it really is a simple dish to make while being packed with flavor and nutrients. “It’s made of osteoblasts (which form bone cells using minerals), adipocytes (fat  cells), fibroblasts (which form connective tissue), and osteoclasts (which are  responsible for bone resorption). I was unable to obtain detailed info regarding  the mineral/vitamin content of bone marrow, but if it’s involved in bone and  connective tissue formation/resorption, there are probably some choice  components that make consumption particularly advantageous.”

Osso Bocco:

So I took my leg shank meat (I had beef on hand(one per person)) and seared in a pan till both sides were browned then I added an onion, lots of garlic (we really like garlic), carrot slices, bell peppers slices, celery slices, a splash of lemon juice, a splash of white wine, a handful of herbs (I like a simple no salt multi purpose seasoning for this), and then I poured fire roasted tomatoes over till it looked like a mix that would be tasty (this varies for everyone and therefore I do not put actual measurements here). Once everything was in the pan spread out, I covered the whole ball of wax, slid it into the oven (anywhere from 350 to 400 degrees F depending on how much time you have) and let it cook for about 2 hours or till the meat is just about fallin’ off the bones and that marrow is just bubbling to the top beggin’ to be smeared on the meat and eaten.

After a spectacular meal, we played dominoes and talked and opened gifts for the two birthday types at the table that evening. Wow it was so nice and I really want to have more evenings like that one!

Today started about the same as far as the breakfast and lunch. Then I went and pulled weeds which in the past I have hated but now I do not hurt as bad and although I still hat how cold and dirty my hands got, it was kind of fun. The hens were out and one of the girls got smart and started following me around so when I would pull up a weed if she saw a bug or worm or whatever she would grab it right up… easy pickin’s lol. Anyway, the sun was nice as I was lucky and made it out during one of this short breaks in our weather (we have had rain so much and heck we even had snow this week!). after working outside soaking in a little bit of vitamin D, I came in and did the last little touches on our taxes and have them ready to ship out Monday morning. Once I sat so long I realized it was time to go get in that workout and wow it went by fast and good although I still can not shoulder press very much (this frustrates me as I know how weak I still am) I do see some progress from the last 1 rep max I did even if it is only 5 pound increase, it is headed in the right direction yay me! I put on a pair of Capri pants that have a tie for the first time this season to find that I have had my waist go down by 8-1/2 inches since the last time I wore them (I had tied the string to mark when I packed them for the winter)!!! I was famished after the workout but feeling sooooo good! I ended up making one of the most simple meals for supper; I browned mild italian sausage (pork) and ground beef with onions and slivered garlic. Once this was all nice and brown and aromatic, I added slice; sweet bell peppers, mushrooms, zucchini squash, asparagus, and Kohlrabi till the vegetables were heated through yet still crisp and popping with flavor. I then scooped this mix over kelp noodles and topped with a smidge of homemade sauce that was just mayo, lime juice, ground cumin, garlic powder, and minced chili peppers. AMAZING!!!! Now I am off to spend a short time with the family and then to get back to work on Entwined Vines Jewelry work for the evening.