with a a deep clensing breath

So as you may already know, life has been a bit crazy with us with moving and trying to get everything going. Today was supposed to be relaxing at the range after the long day of work and children and what not. We all know how that goes though and instead I stayed home tending the body while the caveman of the house and my business partner went to the range without me. It is alright as I will make a point of going later this week. This is going to be a short post and I promise to make it up in the next one.


Breakfast: Sausage vegetable hash (make enough for half of another meal, I will explain later) with that morning cup

Lunch: Tuna with vegetable sticks

Afternoon snack: Strawberry Muffins (we ended up not having these as I just could not get the muffins to turn out the way I wanted in my head (did not even get to actual baking) and we still had cheese and pear)

Supper: Pork steaks from the grill, broccoli and maybe some biscuits (the biscuits were full of yucky stuff so only a couple of people had any but that is alright as it still used op some from the freezer)

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