supper easy grub in a hurry and on a budget

I  had every intention of making this a really nice full post but tonight (the 24th) I just don’t have it in me. I had to go to basicly urgent care and have a few stitches on my thumb so my hand is throbbing and I am just trashed. I will post more really I will… Sorry everyone


The grub for May 23rd, 2012:

Breakfast: Omelets and that morning cup

Now you remember my saying yesterday to make extra breakfast scramble right? This is why, I took the amount of eggs wanted per omelet, whipped them in a bowl and poured them onto a hot skillet that I had already coated with fat (I used butter as I really wanted the rich tone). Once the eggs had just started setting up, I crumbled some of those leftovers onto one side, added a handful of sliced mushrooms, a fist full of spinach, and sprinkling of cheese (for those that eat it) and finished cooking. Once dished I added a few sliced of avacodo for a meal that averaged out to less than a dollar per person in under 5 minutes each.


Lunch: Bacon Wrapped Scallops with asparagus

So I was to lazy and in to much of a hurry to wrap the scallops. Instead I layed out in a hot skillet a handfull of fresh asparagus and drizzeled a little olive oil over then sprinkled good coarse salt and a little pre-mixed seasoning on. While the asparagus cooked, I sliced the bacon into bite size pieces, dumped them in a hot skilled then dumped the wild caught sea scallops (I got these at new seasons although normally I get them from the local seafood distributer with sever others so we can get wholesale prices) and cooked till the scallops were golden and the bacon was done. I plated this up and it took only 7 minutes and cost less than $3 per person


Afternoon snack: Yogurt & Paleo Granola We totally skipped snack today as again we were all full

Supper: BBQ Chicken with green beans & Bacon

So my second oldest daughter cooks on Wednesdays and this is what she did: dumped the chicken (we got these pastured legs on sale at new seasons for $1.49 pr #)onto a lines baking sheet then she rubbed a tiny amount of BBQ sauce on (we still use pre made but we have found a locally made kind that is paleo friendly so check around or make your own) just enough to help glaze the meat without over riding the scrumptions flavor of real food. The then slid that pan into the oven at 350 degrees F and let bake for 30 minutes before turning and baking another 15 minutes. While the chicken baked, she browned the diced bacon then sauteed the green beans in the pan of bacon and bacon fat. Yummm

I am now off to bed and it life is good, I will have a much better post for you all Friday


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