Crap I am sore and tired today!!!

I always hate the day after a push myself kind of workout and it had LUNGES from crips sake!!! I have a love hate thing going on here I tell you lol. Anyway, I went to bed last night and could not get to sleep for hours. I heard the toilet running every 13 seconds for 10 seconds at a time and it drove me absolutely crazy (not a long drive to be honest) until after 1am I finally got my tired grumbly rear back out of bed and took the lid off and worked on the darn thing a few minutes by the light of the night light till it was fixed. I then headed back to bed covered myself with the pillow since my hubby was ON all the covers and after about 2 minutes of no water running sounds passed out like the dead till the alarm went off at 2 for hubby, turned over and passed out again till my alarm went off at 5am. Man morning really did come way to early with not nearly enough sleep. Daycare was really pretty good today with no real fits from the 2 year old, mostly easy feeding for the infant that is finally starting to get comfortable with a bottle, and the 3 year old was great in learning a couple more colors in sign and actually remembering to use her signs for “help” and her manners. Our food was beyond easy and affordable:


Breakfast: I wanted some sunshine in my day so I heaped on the eggs and bacon (I was needing a major influx of protein) and added the sliced of one tangerine baby to make a sun. Way yummy and the tangerine thing was just the right level of tart. (about $2.08 for my serving and $1.60 per serving for all the normal sized eaters)


Lunch was leftover BBQ chicken legs, fruit for the kiddo’s, and I had a nice cup of coffee that tasted devine. Total averaged out in cost was $0.60 per serving.


Supper was breakfast again so just look up and the numbers and picture really did not change much.


After supper we headed over to the gym to take in the nice hot water feature cold hot tub thirty and then stand in the steam sauna doing all our stretches as I mentioned our rear ends were telling us that we had them and pushed hard the night before and needed the extra help in stretching, and relaxing. All in all it was a mellow but good day and I am greatful that although I have hard days, they are still better than they have been since highschool.




It has been a bit since my last post

I always want to get online and post something and then I don’t seem to make it happen. There are all kinds of reasons and most of them are even good (though some are just lame and lazy showing through). I think that if I am being honest with myself and all you readers, it really boils down to I have never developed the discipline to journal or blog and I am slowly working on that. I am not going to say that I am going to post every single day as that would be a flat-out lie. I am not even going to say that I will post on the same day every week. I am just going to post as often as I do and I hope to post some interesting stuff. I know that my grammar and spelling are… well horrid. I never did pick up the skills to be a good writer even though I am an avid reader. Teachers tried really hard with me and they did their best, I am just a  writing challenged person so please be kind and do not get to stuck on these details and if that is not possible, feel free to not read my posts as I am doing all I can most days…


So I am still plugging away at living a paleo lifestyle and it has majorly helped me. I have been thinking about posting a short bullet list of some of the things that have improved with all of this since I am really close to the one year mark from starting down this crazy but amazing path. So, here it is:

  • my vision has gone from really bad bifocals to 20/20 (I am thinking my astigmatism is still acting up just enough with my Entwined Vines Jewelry work that I may get glasses this next round)
  • I am now off of 11 prescription medications including but not limited to; glucophage, metphormin, insulin, ativan, lisinaprile, lovastatan, actos, and others (I have been off of these since the beginning of the year and have forgotten many of them)
  • my seasonal allergies have been almost (I broke down and took something 3 times this past year when I used to take meds every day)
  • My skin is healthy, glowing, and I no longer have “scales” or major skin cracking issues or massive pealing
  • My women’s health is the best it has ever been with no cramps, easy flow, short normal cycles, no major water retention, no PMS, no fear of major hemorrhaging any-longer, no crazy weight fluctuation, no blotting, no food cravings, and I have no hormone based migraines
  • I have a history of my gums bleeding and that has become a non-issue now
  • I have more energy to physically keep going. I still have a day here and there that coffee would be great but I know that I have enough to make it through the day. My energy is also more focused and I am able to stay on target easier as well as calm that energy at a reasonable time of evening to get a “normal” nights rest more often than not.
  • My flexibility has gone up as well. One year-a-go, I did not have the flexibility in my ankle to do a proper squat, now I do weighted back squats and lunges without fear of hurting myself as I compensate for that lack to name just a small area of improvement
  • I am gaining strength of mind, body and spirit as I keep reaching new personal bests. I am learning what I can do, not what I can’t do as I lift heave stuff, put it down, and lift again. I have been working through fears and phobias as there is not stopping me at this point.
  • My diabetes is in amazing control as I eat as much as my body wants without feeling deprived or crazy. I dropped down from a 9.8 A1C to a 5.0 and am looking forward to my next test in October
  • With the energy of my body coming into control, so is my mental focus. I am staying so busy because for the first time in ages I have the focus to DO things and not just veg on the computer or some other screen.
  • I still have tons of stress in my life sich as in May we had to move with very little (20 days) notice yet I did not turn to meds to cope or feel like it was beyond what we could get through. I still have hard choices and hard moments but I knew all through that, that they were just moments at it would be alright.
  • With the decrease of medical bills, we have more money to spend on better food that in turns keeps us from having more medical bills… Also even with spending more per item for better local products, I find that the food budget has gone down because we are not eating TONS of filler that does not KEEP us full. Add up all those foods that you snack on, grab in traffic, or pickup as a quick grab and it is a bunch in the way of budget. Buy good food that your body can release the correct hormones to say “hey, were full” and you will stop eating with less.
  • I have the strength to have gone from firing a 22 cal to a nice 45 cal wow being a tough broad is cool!!!
  • I eat way more and am in better shape than I have been since high school
  • Even my cholesterol is way down and that is cool since I eat a mega amount of eggs and bacon every day 🙂
  • I have lost lots and gained much; a whole person in weight, 11″ so far from my waist alone, 1″ from my wrist (how the heck can something that bony loose an inch?), gained tons of second-hand clothing shopping fun, new cooking skills, and an amazing adventure

So now that I have rambled about some of the cool benefits that I have seen in the almost 1 year, I figure I will share a little of what we ate here today;


Breakfast: The kiddo’s had pumpkin spice pancakes topped with applesauce or berries (I am still working on these before I share how I did them. I had 1 and I know “paloetized” food is not good for us but I have to make something that the USDA will not have a cow over that covers those requirements and this was still Paleo friendly as there was no grain and no milk). I also had my normal heaping plate of eggs and bacon. (the pancakes worked out to an average of $0.25 per serving and my plate of eggs and bacon was $1.00)

 These were amazing in taste but were mega heavy and so think they did not spread out on the griddle the way I like. I will be making another batch with (hopefully) improvements in 2 more weeks.

For lunch The daycare children mowed on leftover chicken, cantaloupe, cheese cubes, “crackers”, and celery. I on the other hand had a bowl of amazing spicy sliced corned beef.


Snack seems to have slipped us by for the most part although I did pass out mini tangerines and quail eggs before sitting down with the littlest one with her jug of mom milk.


The day passed in an almost blur of activity, noise, and creativity. When it was all said and done though school went well for the olders, college stuff is prepped, and dinner was an interesting event.

My currently 18-year-old wanted to cook up the duck that has been camped out in one of the many freezers since late winter/early spring so I let her. She forgot to do the empty the cavity thing so the neck just went for a ride in the hot box instead of being lumped into the bone bin for soup stock. Another interesting part to supper was the fact that our duck had a slight fish taste to it. The two younger girls were not impressed while the eldest tried to eat both whole birds on her own. The rest of us did not mind but were not overly thrilled either.

She took a simple rub of; salt, paprika (hungarian sweet), black pepper, butter and those crazy ducks and let them cook for a couple of hours. Really nice. I will have to find a different source again as I am not sure HOW those ducks ended up with fishy taste but I would rather not have that again when I am really after DUCK.


To finish of this cool meal she choose to saute up a pan of asparagus in butter and fresh slivered garlic (have you tried that cool gadget from Pampered Chief??? Got mine at a Paleo party!!!) (total for supper was an average of $2.66 per serving)


Anyway, after the grub and chores, The hubby, the 18-year-old, and I headed off to see what we could do… Did a 1 RM heavy lift (weighted back squat) and although I can not lift as much as they can, I am still happy with the direction I am going. After the lift, we pushed through 5 rounds of; 12 farmer carry lunges and then 20 sit-up. We timed this and allowed for rest if needed to finish all 5 rounds. I have to say I am tickled to have pushed faster than them even though it is not a race with them but a “race” with myself. I also am really feeling the back of my thighs, glutes, and man I am still fat but hello abs!!! It is far later than I had planned and I am trashed so I will be wrapping this post up and heading to shut-eye land in a flash as morning comes way to early.