Crap I am sore and tired today!!!

I always hate the day after a push myself kind of workout and it had LUNGES from crips sake!!! I have a love hate thing going on here I tell you lol. Anyway, I went to bed last night and could not get to sleep for hours. I heard the toilet running every 13 seconds for 10 seconds at a time and it drove me absolutely crazy (not a long drive to be honest) until after 1am I finally got my tired grumbly rear back out of bed and took the lid off and worked on the darn thing a few minutes by the light of the night light till it was fixed. I then headed back to bed covered myself with the pillow since my hubby was ON all the covers and after about 2 minutes of no water running sounds passed out like the dead till the alarm went off at 2 for hubby, turned over and passed out again till my alarm went off at 5am. Man morning really did come way to early with not nearly enough sleep. Daycare was really pretty good today with no real fits from the 2 year old, mostly easy feeding for the infant that is finally starting to get comfortable with a bottle, and the 3 year old was great in learning a couple more colors in sign and actually remembering to use her signs for “help” and her manners. Our food was beyond easy and affordable:


Breakfast: I wanted some sunshine in my day so I heaped on the eggs and bacon (I was needing a major influx of protein) and added the sliced of one tangerine baby to make a sun. Way yummy and the tangerine thing was just the right level of tart. (about $2.08 for my serving and $1.60 per serving for all the normal sized eaters)


Lunch was leftover BBQ chicken legs, fruit for the kiddo’s, and I had a nice cup of coffee that tasted devine. Total averaged out in cost was $0.60 per serving.


Supper was breakfast again so just look up and the numbers and picture really did not change much.


After supper we headed over to the gym to take in the nice hot water feature cold hot tub thirty and then stand in the steam sauna doing all our stretches as I mentioned our rear ends were telling us that we had them and pushed hard the night before and needed the extra help in stretching, and relaxing. All in all it was a mellow but good day and I am greatful that although I have hard days, they are still better than they have been since highschool.




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