Chinese New Year and such

I know life has gotten away from me yet again but that is kind of a good thing and kind of not. I have been sick off and on for what seems like ages. Daycare has kept me busy as have my own children. We have tried many new foods and old foods in new ways. We have kept up to a point with lifting but that is because if we have been ill we have stayed at home and worked on recovery. January held several hikes that were completely amazing and worth braving the cold. February has blown by faster than we were ready for. To celebrate the Chinese New Year we had a feast that was lots of simple work but was well worth the full effort. We were going to have more company than what landed but that is what happens when children (not mine) get ill with flu and pink eye. Maybe the will make it next time. I could post all the food we had here but instead I will direct you to a different blog as I posted it on the business page for Entwined Vines Jewelry. I posted simple to follow instructions with fast pictures (I was to busy eating to do grant shots). Anyway. this is just a fast post to get back in the motion of writing. Have a great time and check back soon.