feel like my plate is full the right way

So some days I feel like I have to much going on and that I might burst with schedule issues. Other days I can’t get it all done and I wonder if I need to cut back or change things up while at the same time I want to do more. I love most of what I do in my life and occasionally battle the reality of the clock. I think most people in Western Society have this issue and forget to play in healthy levels and positive ways. I have to work and fortunately I earn a living doing things that I enjoy. I run an in-home child care where I play and teach during the week, I craft with wire, stones, and glass to create jewelry that is available online and in a storefront that I am a member of and physically contribute to, and I am now an Independent Close To My Heart Consultant where I crafts, create, and inspire myself and others. On top of working, I have a family and home to spend quality time with and chores to due. One would think that 4 young adult daughters would be hard or trying but I am mostly blessed with the girls I have and we seem to truly enjoy spending time with each other. We love to watch movies, craft, hike, have huge family meals, and so much more. Then like many of us I realize I want to include regular workouts where I can walk, move, stretch, and lift heavy things! How to fit all these pieces into my daily life? I feel like I am starting to get it all to fit and work although there are days that some meeting pops in and throws it all for a loop or traffic makes everything run just a bit late, or well you get the idea…


What are your tips to get through the challenges and get all you want to fit in the “right” way?

Berry Chipotle meat

Tonight we enjoyed a fast, simple, yet flavor packed dinner.


I diced an onion into my skillet and cooked till translucent.  Then I place chicken in a layer topped with cherries and Chipotle pepper. I placed the lid on tight and cooked 30 minutes turning half way through.  Served with fresh steamed broccoli and wow was this supper a treat. What is your favorite summer work night meal?