Breakfast for the week of January 27th 2014

I am going to back post this as I have had it mostly ready but I have had major issues with my computer to the level that I now have a new system that took what felt like forever to set up the way I would like it and hunt down all my links and passwords. In the long run I think I will be happy with this but for now it is a pain in the keester to get used to. Anyway back to the food!

This week I have only 4 breakfasts as Thursday I really just was not hungry until much later so I did not eat breakfast. I suppose leftovers would have been alright although I do NOT eat left overs if I can avoid it (I fortunately have family members that do not mind eating them for me. I find a decrease in quality of taste and texture so avoid when I can).

Seasoned Sole (I put a lot of dried crushed peppers and fresh minced garlic with a light squeeze of lemon on this and tossed in the oven while I got the children ready for the day), curried cauli-rice, and sautéed red chard that I cooked in a ton of butter and fresh garlic.


Simple baked chicken with sunny paris seasoning, leftover (yes I am actually going to have leftovers but I added a little more seasoning to help boost the flavor) cauli-rice and chard.


I had a really good workout and was famished so I decided to treat myself to a small portion of baked sweet potato, Italian meatloaf with a simple marinara sauce, and my favorite vegetable on the planet: Brussels sprouts!!! Oh this was a fantastic breakfast that with a little planning was easy to have even to start the day.


To end the week I caved and decided to have a treat. I would probably list this more as Primal than Paleo and I am alright with this. I make bagels for Friday every week for the children as the love it and the daycare children at one point decided to come in chanting bagel Friday at drop off so it has suck. I used the recipe for bagels in Elana Amsterdams Paleo Cooking cookbook (it is the first actual recipe in the book by the way) with only a change to the topping. I make these up on Thursday and let each person pick a filling or topping of their choice. I choose to make mine savory with garlic, chives, and Italian seasoning. Friday I then sliced mine in half and added smoked ham and goat cheese. I do better with goat cheese than cow and so every now and then I will enjoy without guilt. I know this is not STRICT Paleo but I have learned over the past couple of years of food restriction and elimination what I do well with and what I don’t and adjust MY choices accordingly. I suggest everyone listens to their body and not the emotion of each food choice they make.




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