Paleo Breakfasts for the week of: February 17th 2014

Playing catchup so ..

1) simple easy and mega fast shrimp: all I did was grab a fist full of shrimp out of my freezer, thawed it out in cold water (maybe 5 minutes), heated butter, roasted garlic, and some other seasonings then tossed the shrimp in till they were done. Yummmy


2) Beef roast (medium rare), chard, and fried eggs over hard. I seasoned my roast and put in the crockpot the night before so it would slow cook while I slept to be ready for slicing and serving for the morning.


3) Egg filling. I love eggs but I like to mix-up how I eat them. I had some hardboiled eggs that begged to be turned into filling and then just cook a few slices of bacon to scoop it up with and WOW you have a great start to the day


4) Moroccan seasoned lamb with egg drop soup and supper fast Asian styled vegi brains (cauli rice for those  of you that do not know my humor)


5) back to basics breakfast: pulled pork and fried eggs over medium


Breakfast for the week of 10th of February 2014


This weeks post is going to be a very fast one as I am just swamped but want to still share these for ideas to help everyone…

Monday: deviled eggs: I like to make mine spicy and simple. I mix garlic and sericha sauce with the yolk and stuff, that is it.


Tuesday: Luciano chard in butter and garlic, smoked pulled pork


Wednesday: grilled tilapia with Italian seasoning


Thursday: cold smoked bacon with deviled eggsIMG_0615

Friday: I was not hungry this morning but I figured I would share a photo of the bagels I made for the children… this is from Elana Amsterdam; Paleo Cooking



Paleo Breakfasts for the week of February 3rd 2014

Wow we had a bunch of snow (not as much as many places but a LOT for here). With the snow daycare was a bit beyond crazy and not everyone showed up or if they did drop off and pick-up times were out of necessity flexible. I started posting these pictures a few weeks ago to help with one of the harder food times for people living Paleo. Many of us either at nothing or did a lot of the grab and run styles of “food” such as shakes, cereal bars, and breakfast sandwiches to name but a few “normal” morning meal choices. I have never been big on these but I did skip eating for a majority of my life as I just did not want to take the time to get up a little earlier to do so or I would grab a bowl of cereal or a supper fast slice of toast. I grew up believing that the more whole grains I consumed the better. The problem for me was I never stayed full and I would run out of energy pretty fast. I also learned that I have an actual allergy to wheat one Christmas morning when I was enjoying a bit of shredded wheat cereal and my symptoms got bad enough that I could not ignore them any longer. For me that was landing on the floor of the kitchen not being able to breath as my throat had swollen enough to knock me down. Once I was able to I looked over the ingredients and found there were only 3… My doctor confirmed my fear that yes, wheat could very easily kill me as my body has huge issues with it. I was also checked for celiac to have that also confirmed so I started the shift to gluten free and felt a LOT better but still had problems with digestion and insulin regulation so I started checking my sugars after eating in probably a neurotic way till I had a pretty good idea of what my triggers where. I talked with my doctor and the nutritionist and decided to give up ALL grains, legumes, and most dairy. Life is fantastic now for me and my family has gone for this crazy ride with me. They all comment on the changes they have gone through and only one of my girls still eats non-paleo friendly foods when she is not at home although that I think is just because she is strong willed and not because of how she feels as she has stated how much better her focus and emotions are etc when she stays paleo.  Anyway this whole long rant is to explain why our morning meal is the way it is and why we do not have cereal and the like here. Daycare and my children eat more baked goods than I do and maybe March I will add pictures of their plates to give a more diverse display of options. They have healthy bodies and I am required to give them “grain” type things like bread so I have to compromise. For myself I can not afford to eat those things often and have to keep treats in a limited space as I am still a diabetic and although I have lost a LOT of weight, I am still FAT. Fat is not a bad word in my book but it need to be kept in its place and that place is not on my rear. I know that the scale can not tell me how much fat I have and that is good as I do not put a ton of emotion in the direction of the scale. I know how my body is and I am making strides to achieving physical goals and the rest is falling into place in fantastic ways. Now on to this weeks food:

Monday: Rogan Josh simmered Lamb neck that I started in the crockpot the night before with roasted asparagus…


Tuesday: Simple clean out the fridge scramble; bacon, sausage, Brussels sprouts, leeks, olives, and mushrooms


Wednesday: more of the clean out the fridge scramble with a fried egg hacked into this to give an extra boost of yum.


Thursday: Simple and fast bacon (this round I have a pepper cold smoked bacon) with eggs over medium.


Friday: My family loves Nom Nom Paleo’s egg foo young in her new book. We added sautéed shrimp with garlic on the side…