Paleo Breakfasts for the week of: February 17th 2014

Playing catchup so ..

1) simple easy and mega fast shrimp: all I did was grab a fist full of shrimp out of my freezer, thawed it out in cold water (maybe 5 minutes), heated butter, roasted garlic, and some other seasonings then tossed the shrimp in till they were done. Yummmy


2) Beef roast (medium rare), chard, and fried eggs over hard. I seasoned my roast and put in the crockpot the night before so it would slow cook while I slept to be ready for slicing and serving for the morning.


3) Egg filling. I love eggs but I like to mix-up how I eat them. I had some hardboiled eggs that begged to be turned into filling and then just cook a few slices of bacon to scoop it up with and WOW you have a great start to the day


4) Moroccan seasoned lamb with egg drop soup and supper fast Asian styled vegi brains (cauli rice for those  of you that do not know my humor)


5) back to basics breakfast: pulled pork and fried eggs over medium


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