Paleo Breakfasts for the week of March 10th 2014

This week has been fun with my Birthday having started it off. I even added a splurge to me eating and I do not regret it at all…

1) fresh clams steamed and served with a garlic butter sauce


2) my family likes to call this breakfast barf in a bowl… we take all the leftover meats and vegetables that are in the fridge, dice them up in a skillet, scoop it into a bowl and then top with an egg over medium so the yolk is nice and gooey to slop around with all those goodies.


3)simple eggs with breakfast sausage


4)sausage with kale and hot deviled eggs


5) gluten free but not paleo blueberry pancakes… I used a mix that I like and added the last of my frozen blueberries to this. I had only one and as long as I do not do this often AND I remember this can and probably will adversely affect my goals I should be alright…



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