super easy, fast, and nutritious soup: Paleo Friendly Fall Soup to Help Keep You Feeling Great

I have been seeing lots of “healthy” soup recipes floating around the past few weeks with Fall basically here and the weather changing around the US. Today it reached a lovely 71 degrees Fahrenheit with a perfect small smattering of drizzle here at my home. With the weather comes pressure in the sinuses (at least for me), head colds abound in my child care program, and the desire for a tasty steaming cup of soup rise. I am one of those people that LOVE soup. I enjoy this aspect of a menu year round although I have not found a chilled soup that I like as of yet.

I decided to put together some of my knowledge in nutrition as well as the art and science of food to create the foundation of this soup. While reading through  this though I really want to remind everyone that I do NOT generally make recipes, rather I create a template that is meant to be played with.

Nutritionally this soup; boosts T cell activity to help your body fight bacteria and viruses, is full of sulfuric compounds that have been found effective against bacteria and infection, has high beta carotene that converts to vitamin A (one of its jobs is to support the mucus membranes making it harder for bacteria to enter), immune builders in the form of mushrooms, beneficial iron and antioxidants in the dark greens that help build white blood cell production, and so much more that if I continued I would feel like an infomercial!

*** As anyone that know me, knows that I cook for a miniature army so when I say I took an onion for instance, in reality I took closer to 3 but have decreased to size of the batch to be about right for a smaller meal (about 3 or 4 servings). I do not feel this is deceptive as I did take at least the amount listed to make my meal and am just being nice in making it a manageable meal. ***

Paleo Friendly Fall Soup to Help Keep You Feeling Great
top of Paleo Friendly Fall Soup to Help Keep You Feeling Great in a hand crafted wooden bowl.

Paleo Friendly Fall Soup to Help Keep You Feeling Great

fat of choice to coat a heavy dutch oven or stock pot (I used bacon fat as I had some handy on the back of my stove)

1 onion – diced (I used a couple and mixed it up with a yellow and a purple but either or will work just fine)

1 leek sliced thin – white part only

2 or 3 carrots sliced or shredded (I like chunky soup so I sliced but shredded tends to look prettier)

1 bundle of celery sliced – optional but again I like chunky soup

5 to 10 cloves of fresh garlic- minced (my family LOVE garlic so I used probably all 10 cloves, maybe more)

an inch of fresh ginger that I peeled, sliced, and then pressed with the flat of my knife to release more of the yummm

1 dash of crushed chili peppers (I used about 1 tsp but I like it hot)

 — saute the above for about 5 minutes over medium high heat —

cover with 3 to 4 cups of chicken stock or bone broth is even better if you have any on hand

 — after bringing to a boil turn down the heat to a nice simmer for 15 minutes or till the vegetables are almost as tender as you like them to be. I like mine to still have a good body and not very soft —

Add a bundle of dark leafy greens (like spinach, kale, radicchio,  or chard personally) that you have sliced – I have both spinach and radicchio in the photo as I wanted the green and purple coloring!

8 to 10 mushrooms of choice – chopped (I used shiitake this round)

an egg for each person that will be enjoying – whipped then drug through the soup with a fork

 — cook an additional 5 minutes till done —

Sprinkle with salt (I used smoked), pepper, curry powder (I used spicy). and turmeric to taste or any other spice combination you might like. Serve with a splash of citrus juice of choice (think lemon or lime might be best for an extra boost of vitamin c) then serve hot and enjoy!

Remember this is a template so it you want fewer or greater variety of vegetable go for it, you don’t want egg mixed in this round for the extra protein boost? No biggy! Don’t like curry or just in a different mood? Change it up! Want a mellower form of garlic? Use roasted and squeeze it in! Make this soup yours then please share a comment and maybe even a picture of your own to help inspire others…