Wednesday 12/24/2014

My sugars are already getting under control again and I am pretty comfortable in saying it is probably due to stress being down with my State inspection having been completed and secondly by my diet getting back to where I like to keep it. The diet is much easier to make wise choices with the stress being lower. I enjoyed a nice slow cup of coffee with my husband while everyone else was in bed. Such a treat! We then went out to the back yard to walk, talk, and plot our coming plans for the space and when we would like to try to do what.

With our move, we gained a sizable yard with a preset garden area. I like dreaming about a garden and enjoy planting and harvesting through the season. I love the fact that being part of the Maritime Northwest we have a good 10 months for our growing season with little extra work to make this happen. One the other hand, I can not tell one plant from the next at the early stage of the game so falter on weeding. I either do no weeding at all for knowledge that the last time I tried that I pulled everything, including what I was intentionally trying to grow, or I pull everything thinking my starts can’t possibly be what I am seeing and the bed has been over taken and I must tame it. We have a separate preset herb garden that I have no real idea what is in it other than lavender. Also we have a lovely area setup for our chickens.

After walking, talking, and planning, we have agreed to have the main garden be 900 sq. ft. with the goal of this year setting the beds flat but putting in the effort of interchangeable foundations using PVC so that we can change out tunnels, trellises, and the like. We also planned out the irrigation setup along with rain water collection options. We will start pricing out these projects and see how realistic this first year plan is and do what we can. I like raised beds visually as well as the ease of maintenance and long term plan to move that direction as finances allow after the first year so we can workout any adjustments we want to make to the layout before making the space more permanent. I have also lined up a consultant that has a lifetime of proven experience as well as a little regular physical help for the weeding by something that can actually tell by looking what is what. Come late summer or early fall we will be looking to build our greenhouse and begin the adventure of aquaponics. We are working through what we want to raise for protein in this space and we are leaning toward crayfish and trout but will do more research before fully deciding to see if these would be a good fit for our wants and needs.

We talked about a few features we wish to have on the next chicken house and adjustments to their yard to make it more safe for the hens against predators such as raccoons and the like, adding a section for meat rabbits, fast turn around area for meat chickens and a small section for honey bees. All in all we had a great time talking and dreaming today. It will be fun to see how this new adventure goes over the course of time.

The rest of the day came and went in a leisurely fashion with company and getting the younger ones ready and out the door for their visit to Goldendale Washington for Christmas. Meals came and went. Socializing meandered through the day as energy and desire guided with a fun break of crazy in the middle. For me every year I try to make a trip to crazy land on Christmas eve by making a trip to the mall. I go in great spirits knowing I am done for this year just to smile, walk, and people watch. Seems strange, and it might be, but I enjoy this little ritual of mine. This year I went with my husband and one friend that is in town from the far off land of Marysville. Good times seemed to be had by all three of us while sipping coffee, walking, talking, and laughing.

Brunch today was a simple salad with olives and wild caught salmon for a slight Mediterranean flair.

<this photo will be inserted once WordPress lets me>

Dinner was steak, salad, and steamed broccoli. I did not take photos of this as I was to focused on eating and socializing and figured you have seen enough of this meal not to need yet another photo tonight.

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