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PSU Farmers Market Opening of the Season!

All winter long I wait in anxious anticipation for the PSU farmers market to re-open after the horribly long (alright it is not even a full 3 months but hey you know how it is right?) winter break. I have been posting every few days my count down on my social media and daydreaming of the first batch of meals that we might score. My 19 year old daughter was almost as jazzed as I was even if it meant getting up “early” for a weekend. I like to get down there as they open at 8:30 so I can get in and get out with our score before the crowds get there. After getting a slow start with needing petrol for the van and cash from the bank (I forgot last night to get it ahead of time) we still managed to get there and parked at 8:35 so not to bad. The sun was out and for once there was no wind and a balmy 60 degrees (F) greeted us! AMAZING!!! Not all of our booths start on opening day but heck I am still impressed that there were over 100 food booths (normally they top out at 200+) and not a “kitch” booth in sight. All local and organic for as far as my eyes could see. We  really limited what came home mostly because of budget but is was a great start for the season as you can see:



My daughter and I decided that we would not have breakfast before we went and instead we had a huge brunch with the rest of my daughters and my 16 year olds boyfriend while my exhausted husband slept after working his night shift (I made extra so when he gets up he can have some as well).

I took 2 of the lovely small leeks and thinly sliced into a hot buttery skillet after washing and sautéed until tender and glossy at which point I added the full package of sliced “porkstrami” that we picked up from Tails & Trotters and simmered till hot and yummy.


While that simmered, I placed spring asparagus onto a baking sheet, drizzled walnut oil and mashed roasted garlic on then broiled to perfection.

I whipped up eggs that I get from a friend (my hens are to little for eggs yet but this summer I should be up and going with a few eggs each day from my own back yard again!) with just a tiny splash of pastured heavy cream. I then made incredible omelets with the eggs, filled with a dollop of leek and porkstrami that was then topped with a smidgen of decadent farmstead smoked gouda that was made in Salem by Willamette Valley Cheese.


to trim this brunch out wish just a tiny bit of sweet I put out a bowl of cubed fresh cantaloupe (no this was not purchased at the market).

All in all a mostly local and in season feast and a fantastic way to start the season if I say so myself. The one thing I have to accept is soon I will have to switch out from using my granny cart and use a large hand cart with several Rubbermaid totes as my family and daycare enjoy eating well to much for such a small cart option.