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Breakfast the week of January 20th 2014

This past week has been full of lots of good food and for me that means starting the day with a real breakfast. Many people when they hear that I eat and live a fairly Paleo way wonder two things; what do I eat for breakfast, and how does that work with the daycare children. I have to say I find it interesting that many people do NOT wonder WHY I choose to live this way or how can I possibly not “get boarded” as I have heard from other Paleo people that this is pretty common along with being told how wrong or bad for them it is. I have not had that. Heck my doctor even supports it fully even if the nutritionist in his office is probably not keen on the idea (we need grain don’t you know lol). Anyway, back to the questions I get asked and my basic responses to them.


How does this work with daycare and staying in with my USDA office? The current requirements for meals and snacks state that I MUST serve; fluid milk, bread OR bread alternate, meat OR meat alternate, vegetables and/or fruit. Fluid milk really is the hardest part for me to keep the house fully Paleo and to be honest without a note from a doctor stating they do not have to drink cows milk I MUST offer it to the children and so I do. The second hardest is the Bread OR bread alternate requirement but I enjoy cooking and there are LOTS of amazing Paleo friendly recipes out there for breads, muffins, and the like. I mostly do not eat these but if I am in the mood I have it as an option. Also my inspector has not once complained when I serve cali-rice and list it as actual rice so that happens a few times every week. This solves all the problems in a way that I am mostly alright with (I would love to never bring cows milk into my home again especially the required non-fat variety because “fat milk is making fat children” even in infants…).


Breakfast is more a problem in I have periods in my like where I have not wanted to eat till almost noon (I get up very early) but then on those days I want to eat all the rest of the day and that is not a great thing for anyone really but especially for those of us that battle diabetes. I know that I feel better and can keep up with the children in the crazy days better if I eat a little bit after they do (I have a hard time enjoying my meal if they are eating as I am a stickler on table manners and yes, I know that is kind of strange but oh well). I feed all the children (daycare and my older daughters) between 8:15am and 8:45am with a large variety of healthy and pretty Paleo food. Once they have eaten, circle time is done and they have their first true free time of the day I love to sit in a quiet (this is based on perspective not actual sound) spot where I can keep an eye on them but at the same time take some nice deep breaths, re-center myself, and enjoy a leisurely breakfast of my own. I usually have a simple plate of yumminess with a cup of something hot; either bad for me doctored coffee (I LOVE heavy cream and flavor in my crazy good fair-trade locally roasted coffee), or a simple hot tea such as peppermint or if I am feeling fancy Good Earth. Here is what I have had this week…


Monday: There are LOTS of easy Paleo recipes for Pulled Pork but like many people, I do not always have the time to make this from scratch. I have found that Costco has a nice mostly affordable ready to eat Pulled pork and so this is what we eat a few times a month. Over all cost of this meal was; pulled pork $1.33 per serving, egg at $0.21 each, and asparagus at $0.87 per serving (the servings are on what MY family actually ate not what packaging says so adjust to your needs) and a total per person of $2.41. This is not a low cost meal but not horrid either for the dense nutrition and full factor. I did not eat lunch that day as I was full AND satisfied till supper (we tend to eat about 5:30 so there is time for family, the gym, and other obligations.

Pulled Pork, Fried Egg, Asparagus, Paleo Breakfase

  Tuesday: Crab cakes are supper easy and full of goodness. I took some lump crab meat and simply cracked in an egg, added seasoning of choice and fried in bacon fat (any fat will do but I had some sitting on the back of the stove in my cup and figured why not might be good and was I right. I then fried an egg and added a side of Brussels as I LOVE them so much I could eat them just about any time day or night just about any way I can get them (just not mushy ewwww).  Over all cost of this meal was; Crab cakes $1.87 per serving, egg at $0.21 each, and Brussels Sprouts at $0.62 per serving (the servings are on what MY family actually ate not what packaging says so adjust to your needs) and a total per person of $2.70.

Crab Cakes, egg, and brussels sprouts breakfast January 21st 2014


Wednesday: I try to fit in every few days a nice health dose of probiotics and my favorite way is to have some sauerkraut. I love homemade but I do not always have someone had so when I need a quick fix and need to buy some my go to brand is bubbies. I love the body of it and how simple they keep it while not loosing any of the flavor. This day I had my sauerkraut and added a nice handful of diced Aidell’s sausage and an egg. Over all cost of this meal was; Sausage $0.99 (I got these on a good sale and stocked up several packages in the freezer for later) per serving, egg at $0.21 each (I had two), and Sauerkraut at $0.42 per serving (the servings are on what MY family actually ate not what packaging says so adjust to your needs) and a total per person of $1.83.

sausage, egg, saurkraut


Thursday: I love soup and ribs. They are both easy to have for almost any time of day. For the ribs a slow cooker is ideal as you can get it all set up while cleaning up from dinner and let it do its thing till you get up as 10 hours is just about perfect for cooking a tender amazing short rib and most soups can be mostly prepped with leftovers so a fast simmer of less than 20 minutes makes for fast and easy while having the added benefit of using things up in the fridge that might end in the compost or trash otherwise. I found both the recipes for this breakfast in Nom Nom Paleo Food For Humans written by Michelle Tam and her husband Henry Fong. This is an incredible high quality cookbook put together by a family that you can tell love cookbooks. The family is fun and the boys are both just lovely. Oh and the two best parts??? Crazy silly warped pun type humor and mostly easy and tasty recipes. Over all cost of this meal was; Ribs $3.97 (yes a bit spendy but WOW) per serving, and the soup was made mostly by using up older stuff but I would do $1 per serving if starting fresh (the servings are on what MY family actually ate not what packaging says so adjust to your needs) and a total per person of $4.97.

Curry Broccoli Soup, Korean Short Ribs Breakfast January 24th 2014


Friday: After a very loud crazy week where daycare has been incredibly hard with learning and behavior challenges I decided it was a perfect day to have a back to basics breakfast of pepper bacon and fried eggs. Nothing fancy but I felt better for it. Over all cost of this meal was; Happy Pepper Bacon$0.53 each, and egg at $0.21 each (I had two) (the servings are on what MY family actually ate not what packaging says so adjust to your needs) and a total per person of $0.95.

Breakfast January 24th 2014 Bacon and eggs
Pepper Bacon with two fried eggs