My “List” of 101 things to do in the next 5 years

Physical Goals:

1) Learn how to rock wall climb

2) take a Krav Maga Class

3) Go to tree to tree adventures and make it through at least one full level

4) ride a bike

5) learn to swim

6) Follow my trainers program for heavy lifting exactly for a full month (this includes rest days)

7) walk 45 minutes everyday for a full month

8) go caving

9) learn to snow ski

10) Do a weekend backpack trip

11) Do a true pull-up

12) make it through the color run

13) play at the playground like a kid

14) train to my hardest challenge every time for a month

15) do double-unders

16) do kipplings

17) walk on a balance beam

18) sky dive

19) roller skate

20) roller blade

21) go rafting

22) try snowboarding

23) try water skiing

24) walk on the roof

25) hike to hot spring

26) do weighted squats at 165#

27) 50 weightless squats in under 1-1/2 minutes

28) deadlift 200#

29) shoulder press at least 65#

30) 24″ box jump

31) “normal” on toes push-ups


32) visit Italy for a week

33) parasailing in Hawaii

34) explore ruins in Mexico

35) Join local Norwegian lodge

36) take Norwegian language lessons

37) travel to Norway

38) Family trip to Glacier National Park

39) Camping trip to Crater Lake


40) take a technology break 1 weekend every month for a year

41) take each daughter (1 at a time) for a manicure and Pedicure

42) have 1 true date every month for a year with husband

43) have 1 “European” dinner with a movie – no children

44) have family game night every week for a full season

45) go bowling with the family

46) power out night

47) scavenger hunt through town


48) get a new lens for camera

49) take photo’s regularly for one season (other than food or work)

50) do a full month of photo group challenges

51) make a leather mask

52) make a king sized quilt

53) finish scrapbooking past years

54) hang my stained glass

55) sew projects that I have to current

56) foot paint with the children

57) make cards for everyone’s birthdays for a year

58) complete a scrapbook for each of the girls

59) play with fused glass every month for a year


60) blog at least 3 times per week (personal) for a year

61) have a BBQ potluck 1 time per month in good weather for a full year

62) 1 private invite dinner per month for a year

63) 1 “pay it forward” coffee per month for a year

64)1 thank you gift for emergency personnel per month for a year

65) have theme party

66) have a Cajun boil with close friends and family

67) 500+ follows on my personal FB page

68) 10,000 + likes on personal FB page

69) comment on at least 2 blogs a week for a month

70) wear jewelry I made every time I leave the house for a month

71) make 2 YouTube videos per month for a year

72) volunteer my time

73) perfect paleo herb bread recipe


74) Keep my nails nice for a full summer

75) donate to a charity

76) take 30 minutes everyday for a month just for me

77) get a passport

78) go to a live performance

79) go to a concert

80) buy a whole cow

81) smoke my own bacon at home

82) get up an hour early in the summer m-f to get a little extra prep work done

83) play chess once per month for a year

84) learn to play cribbage

85) only homemade meals for a full month

86) wax brows

87) organize my food storage

88) purge clothes and organize

89) read one book out side of my comfort zone each month for a year

90) sleep in a blacked out room for a full vacation

91) work on management of stress

92) go to the range twice a month for a year

93) identify and journal all the birds that frequent my feeder for a season

94) see a movie at cinamatoopia

95) get me back tattoo

96) reach step 10 in the Oregon registry for child development

97) get my odin tattoo

98) keep yard debris current every week for a month

99) do a whole 30

100) start tomatoes from seed instead of buying starts

101) buy only local and seasonal for one full season

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