Roasted Garlic


Roasting Garlic is easy yet very full-filling. All you need is garlic, a pan, good olive oil, and some broth.

Determine how many head your would like to roast then choose a pan that will be the perfect fit or a little larger than you need. Once you do this, peel the outer skins off of your garlic and slice the tips off. Place garlic in the pan and drizzle a small amount of oil on each garlic head. Many people stop at this step and jump to the roasting but I learned while working in the kitchens many years ago that if you add just a tiny splash of broth (I like chicken best but vegetable works nice as well) then cover with a lid or foil that the garlic stays moist yet becomes tender like better which is amazing on bread, steak, even apple slices to name just a few items. Once you cover the pan, roast in a 350` F oven for about 1 hour (you will smell the garlic in a big way about the time it is done). Let cool and use as you like. I tend to make a large pan of 16 heads once a week and keep the pan on the back of my stove for quick use.


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